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The Last Betrayal - 01 by Koshindou The Last Betrayal - 01 by Koshindou
In a recent conversation, I was struck by a bittersweet truth - that there are some characters that will probably never quite make it to their day in the sun. Cathak Taeris (The Saint Amongst Steel Graves) is probably one of those characters - made as a solo character for back when my fellow Exalted GM and I were still trying out the system, he's definitely been featured more here on DA than he has adventured in Creation. Fortunately I realized that I could easily take a crack at figuring out one of the potential final destinies of the Betrayer of Thorns and his master, the Mask of Winters.

The Saint left the Deathlord's service not knowing why he was left so empty by his new power and triumphs, but I think that eventually he could find something more. As a mortal he was arrogant and cruel, but I think that there was still a part of him that wanted to be a hero, and thought that there was good he could do. It was the bitterness of not becoming one of the Dragonblooded that made him into a villain.

I like the concept still - a man that was a monster long before he was chosen to become one, and then a monster that becomes a man.

Part Two here: [link]
Daidoji-Gisei Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2011
Your shadows in this are amazing! Do you feel that your experiments in coloring have improved your handling of shadow?

Also, I notice that you repeated the symbol on his forehead in drawing his pupil in the close-up--nice touch.
Koshindou Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
I'm glad that you like how the shadows turned out - I knew that they would be an important part of these pages, since they would be in black and white. I definitely think that my recent work has given me a better understanding of how to handle shadows, both from a placement and a use of the technology perspective. :)

As for the caste mark being mirrored in his close-up...totally planned. No really, I swear! <nervous twitching>

I'm not on trial here!
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